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WV10 9AJ

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WV10 9AJ


Geospatial data is taken from the approximate centre of the postcode. Some values, such as elevation, may vary significantly across a postcode, particularly in rural areas.

Some postcodes overlap multiple administrative areas, those given are for the centre of the postcode.

The approximate address is the nearest reverse geocodable address to the centre of the postcode. It is not necessarily the actual address of any property within the postcode, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

Normal postcodes are shared by multiple business and/or households. A "Large User" postcode is one which has been assigned to a single organisation which receives a significant amount of mail.

Hotel room rates are subject to change. Information is updated daily, but is not guaranteed to be accurate. Distances are as the crow flies. Your mileage may vary.

Railway station and hotel information is from The ABC Railway Guide.

See Data Sources for more information on the origins of information on this page.

Geospatial Data
Latitude 52.597748
Longitude -2.116279
Easting 392220
Northing 300001
Grid reference SJ922000
Elevation 126m
Postcode Data
Area WV
District 10
Sector 9
Walk AJ
Outbound WV10
Inbound 9AJ
Type Normal
Administrative Data
Approximate address
Metropolitan district Wolverhampton City Council
Metropolitan district ward Bushbury South and Low Hill
UK Parliament constituency Wolverhampton North East
European region West Midlands
Socio-demographic Data
ONS Urban/Rural CategoryCity or larger town surrounded by inhabited countryside
ONS Population Classification Multicultural: Asian communities
Typical housing typesSemi-detached, terraced
Typical housing ownership Owner-occupied, private rental
Typical property price Below average
Typical social class C1C2D

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